Berlin Learning & Intelligent Systems Society

BLISS is a student organisation at the Technical University of Berlin that connects like-minded individuals who share great interest and passion for the field of machine learning.

Reading Group.

Read and discuss an AI research paper every week.

Community Events.

Connect with like minded AI enthusiasts.

Speaker Series.

Learn from talks by experts from academia and industry.


We meet every Tuesday at 7 pm in WiWi Cafe @TU Berlin for our weekly meetups. We alternate between speaker events, featuring renowned machine learning researchers, and community events like hackathons and workshops. After the events, we unwind with cold drinks and engaging conversations about machine learning and more.

Upcoming Events

Reading Group

Join us every Tuesday at 6 pm in WiWi Cafe @TU Berlin for our engaging reading group. We discuss papers from the field of AI, exploring their main ideas, strengths, weaknesses, and connections to other works. All levels of experience are welcome! Come learn and participate in insightful conversations.

Paper of the week